Oria complains about harassment at Immigration offices.

Lakini these guys messed up the Kenyan passport badly. They used to go England and Scandinavian countries using the Kenyan passport, rinse the welfare system clean and then relocate to Eastleigh to eat the loot moss moss, as a result, most countries started introducing tougher measures like your grandmother’s bank statement to access a mere transit visa. At the peak of it’s power, you could do atleast 100+ countries either visa free or visa on arrival. Today that figure is roughly 70+. Sasa upuzi ya watu wa kwao imemcost big time.


Seems this Kenyan passport is s powerful thing

Muteso mjinga niaje , niliona king wenyu alidedi in poverty huko Uganda, si uende umu succeed vile uko 70 years na hauna akili


It is to these skinnies. Kakishika hio kanajiskia kako complete.

Somalia passport accesses 20 countries at most



It is purported The late mapambano singer had made selling the Kenyan passport a side hustle, and the ripple effect is the devalued Kenyan passport.

He messed up badly buana. As late as 2009, you could access some European countries visa free nowadays you have to prove and prove and prove idk what to be given a visa that expires after 7 days. Smh

Quite sad, how far reaching the consequences of poor leadership can be.

Bad leadership can be very detrimental