My boyfriend has never made me achieve an orgasm during sex. I am considering buying a vibrator to satisfy myself. Would you advise me to use it?



a washing machine does the same work and more. Its a better investment


@Randy can vouch for this…
Portable and rugged…
Easy to use…
Just put it where you want and…
And you’ll be rocking/vibrating within no time…
What you do with the vibrations is up to you…
And the icing on the cake…
It goes a long way on 1 ltr of fuel.

malaya ako na boyfriend

Niaje Ndume mwenza

Things men do in this here village…:oops:

kuja nitombe ukojoe bed

:D:D:D this will give her earthquakes and tremors…

:D:D… uyu ndume suruali if he tries this its game over.

Wewe ni ndume na unataka kupatiwa orgasm na boyfriend?

Umekataa elders wa hii kijiji na venye wamejitolea ukatombe ‘plastic’?


Hmm how many inches

Wah! The things i read here will make even the devil shy away

[COLOR=rgb(255, 255, 255)].

Stop pretending like you’re a vigin. You’ve been here for quite a while and worse things have been said. Ama unadhani ukijifanya innocent ndo utapewa?

Juan acha umatako, tunajua ni wewe ndo @Violete sielewi what attention you’re seeking from anonymous douche bags

Enhe jimit …ulimtoa ubikra lini