Is it only me who noticed that the submissions by SC James Aggrey Orengo lacked the oomph? He doesn’t sound as legally authoritative as he did in the SCOK in 2017. Is it a case of age catching up or its something about the case merits?

That leaves me yearning to hear Githu Muigai, am sure his submissions will be worth hearing.

I think he already know BBY will end up nowhere … he’s just doing it for the sake to make RaiaMkuu happy.

Ukiona Aggrey stammering in Court, know he has no confidence in this appeal case

Bbimayai…haitoboi…jicho nyanya arudi home…

His left hands was shaking and when it too much he could hide it in his pocket

Ni vile ameamua kutetea ushenzi so he will obviously look stupid.