Orengo on wsr

My advice to president uhuru and my party leader Raila is that you should be very careful with 2022 elections because the person you are dealing with is not a newcomer in the field of politics ,he is currently being referred to as the professor of politics:~Orengo

Orengo has been heaping praise on WSR… He wants to dump Rao join WSR…

When teargas monday was on it’s peak, Orengo was busy contacting Ruto , proposing they work together to bring the government of Uhuru down, i won’t be surprised, if the two are still in serious discussions.
Still in that period, when RAO was pushing Uhuru to the edge, Ruto was also piling pressure on Uhuru and demanding for things that made Uhuru and his handlers angry.
The handshake must have disappointed many.

ANNE WAIGURU has started regretting fighting DP William ruto.

“We thought we were fighting William Samoei Ruto but instead we were busy building him. Now he has taken off our bedroom Mt.Kenya. We need to change the tactics before it gets late.”

I like seeing people discussing about who is going to eat the steak in a party that they are not invited to :D:D

Your job as Wanjiku is to cook the meal (vote) and when it’s ready security will force you out of the party like a burukenge.

Ata audio ama video akuna? Ata written script angalau tusome

Orengo has never liked Raila or considered him a peer - at least intellectually. He only works with Raila for his political survival and if he senses any weakness, he’ll jump ship or go for the jugular.

Raila is a spent cartridge. Even players who play at top european level always decline with time and join less competitive leagues or retire. He has had a rich political history but I think the end is something he will not be proud of when the journals of history will be written.


Watu wanajipanga for the final push. Its going to be loud, its going to be fast and its going to be big.

When and where did he say this? Seen many statements attributed to pple wrongly.

It will be noisy & messy as Weta said?

Raila will fall like a glass jar full of water being dropped on a hard concrete floor. Nothing will be salvaged and the impact will be painful. No one from his lineage will ever rise to power. It will be the ultimate end for the Odinga dynasty.