For ODM to thought to summon DP Ruto over suspicion of money laundering From Allegations about a character they could not produce in court…they are spoiling for a nasty fight. When we were boys, this is the kind of fight we said…LET’S TAKE THIS OUT MFker! So the idea is to mudsling Ruto…perhaps take him out of the race on technicalities. This is when we suspend anything “Law” to duke out ushenzi and evil plots.

It beats logic how Africans invest so much emotionally in political idols yet the fight for equity, justice in policies takes a back seat.
The we say the west…nyef nyef

Kalisha kinyambis chini…Kwani wewe hukula kwa Ruto? Ghaseer.

Have a talk with your Uncle and see how you can help him…
By slinging some real mud on an ODMer near you.

hehe huyu ni mkale anadhani atapata washenzi wa kuburuisha na cheap politics hapa

go ride your wheelbarrow to hell

Nonsense go hang

We’re taking this out…watu wachunge maisha yao when their plots are evil plots. Raila can never compete fairly…mara it’s to get leadership through back doors and windows, mara ni BBI, mara ni kupindiwa serikali '82, mama ni selected (not elected PM) executive PM, mara ni ku disqualify Ruto through bogus claims. You don’t take this kind of fitina to court…you take it to his door and fight to finish. Wachawi wajinga.

bro…hiyo sikatai. Of the entire lot of thieves that we empower by playing homage to aka kuinua kundu, Raila is the least likely of the lot., to offer this nation any reasonable future solutions.
Then comes the water melon, ma dvd, Ruto then Uhuru.
Yes jubilee has done wonders in bridging up the infrastructure, and the trickle down economy will sure be felt some years to come however, the time is ripe for the average Kenyan to assume ownership of the nation.
You cannot claim ownership of the land when you are playing “not bothered” by an executive that is dishing out 5000 of your highly trained nurses to a foreign land in the time of a pandemic!!
These things only happen in Africa! it’s insane!
It says a lot about how your government rates you as a tax payer!
Maendeleo si barabara za gorofa, maendeleo ni kukomaa kimafikira, kuerevuka na kufamu umuhimu wa huduma na njia ya kupata huduma!
As it stands, we all herded like livestock because we allow them to.
We have a duty to raise the bar for the sake of the future gen.

You’re so quick to talk about blood, but I bet you’d be shitting bricks at the sight of yours. Orengo is playing politics, however dirty, and that’s the best way to checkmate him not shouting about bloodshed when your master is touched


Are you willing to kill or die for a politician? You must be in desperate need of a brain transplant!


For the record…I am against slaying any human…that’s a sin against God and against morality. Also for the record, my position is not about politicians…I don’t even like politicians. My position is about Justice for or Injustice against any human being. I am passionate enough about Justice to put my life on the line to fight injustice. If we can tolerate injustice at any level, on anyone…we have a major problem that will rot many organs of our community. In this case, you have the whole government machine unleashed unfairly on one individual with the basic intention of promoting Raila’s agenda to ascend to the top post at any cost, including throwing Ruto under the bus, mudslinging him, damaging his reputation…and anything else. C’mon…this is an evil!

Thing is me, you, and these political idols come and go, nationhood stands!
Emotionally investing in political idols will only make you feel good during campaign and the first 2 yrs after g.e.
Weka sera mbele…you are smart enough to realise uhuru just signed a death warrant for millions of Kenyans by choosing to dish out 5000 of our highly trained nurses during a pandemic! Yes the currently we have 1 nurse for 4000 patients in Kenya. Ignorance kills!