Order Is The ONLY Thing That Lacks In Africa

We have everything else lakini Utaratibu (Order) ndio hakuna. You drive down Mombasa Road and some ape is tossing empty plastic bottles and banana peels from his car. When will this type of ape get used to even sorting trash and separating recyclable from organic waste and using two or three garbage bins. We are in 2020 and in other countries even 3 year olds know where to place soda cans and orange peels.

Mwafrika ni kiumbe kilicho na akili punguani. Mnyama wa mwituni.

Hehe, you could have mentioned “Chocolate Wrappers” ama tissue paper… lakini lazima useme “banana peel”. You guys take this ‘bonobo’ thing too far

As Africans we are devoid of two things. Love & obeying the law

Waste separation is the right but am sure you too were not separating at 3 yes.

the only warning africans take serious is battery low:D:D:D:D

Niaje mzito.

Its just lacking leadership, which ofcourse is created by africans.

Anti littering laws ziko, enforcement is what is lacking.

Bonobo,maybe if you spent more time working rather than Aping in ktalk, africa would be more orderly

Software ya negros ni ya msituni kwa cave. Will take millennia to update to Human ver1.0. |||||||||||||||||||| Copying new files Speed 0.00005kb/s item remaining 4,500GB

order only occurs when people stop tribalising everything

Africans are natural born slave race. They don’t have that self drive. Have to be pushed or supervised and threatened to do everything except sex and feeding.

Your handle avatar becomes you


Hiyo trash imeweza. Ata kama aiii. The only people I feel bad for are the children who must live in such a dirty environment. They deserve better.

Whenever I have an empty plastic bottle to dispose in town, I find it very hard to find disposable or recycling trash cans.

Most times, I cover a long distance before I find a place to dispose a plastic bottle.

Lakini ukienda downtown hauwezi pata. Ata kama watu wanatupa uchafu, kupata street bins pahali unaweza weka ni ngumu.

Not just in Nairobi, but also in some places like Ngong, Kitengela, Kiambu etc.

I think there should be a law making recycling trash cans to be everywhere like electricity poles.

If you go to Rwanda, you will see those street trash bins almost everywhere.

To imagine that the bulk of the garbage produced in Africa is organic despite the mounds of rubbish actually fries one’s brains. Take marikiti for instance. 99% of the garbage is organic that would make grade 1 compost but bonobos hawajui hio. Wanaacha ioze kwa soko.

I always wonder those vibandas kando ya barabara,what’s so difficult with the owners paying contributing …say ,just 20 bob each and they pay the street kids to dispose the dirt for them
They can liaise with kanjo so that the garbage truck can come at specific time kuchukua taka

But they simply dispose off the trash on the road hoping someone with collect it for them

This is what government is for. organization and leadership. It is true that such vendors should carry their trash and dispose it off. However, there should be a large bin/dumpster right there. to be collected and replaced every one or two days depending on location by that lorry that compresses or the one that picks the dumpster by itself. And trash should be sorted and recycled in a modern manner.
haiwezekani ati sasa kama hakuna security tunatoa mia mia tunaunda vigilante. kama ni walimu tunachanga tunaandika. Any country that does this is a failed state.
my car is usually full of trash because there are no disposal facilities. I have to get home and put it in the trash bin. what about those who are on foot, which sometimes includes me?

trash cans were all over but people thought otherwise,. . kuna one Sunday morning around 3 a.m. roundabout ya nyayo , I saw some two dudes carrying the metal chairs zile za kanjo and they were very serious.