Orange shithole rumbles incoherently



Da bomb!

:D:D:D:D That little girl meme always gets me

That guy at the end - brutally savage!

Very Stable Genius.

You Will get tired of winning

Dude at the end has an ice box where his heart used to be

Guns are definitely the problem but none of the gun control measures they are talking about will really help that much.

Arm the teachers?

Ladies and gentlemen the president of the free world. I thought he was addressing a beauty pageant.

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D… on shit holes this idea came out of his shit hole.

Why people hate Donald is beyond me. He is angelic when you compare him with the she-devil he defeated.

Does anybody like that idea

Mrs Clinton is satan and that is why she will never be president ;);):wink:

Ati tupatie walimu binduki…Kai ena ngoma

And US is God’s chosen country, so a righteous, ‘angelic’ person is the only one who can rule, right? :D:D You win

Your don’t believe in God? I do.

If God gave us leaders like trump, I would stop believing in Him…

nothing happens without God permitting it to happen. Tafakari hayo