Orange kenya rebranding to Telkom

Now that orange kenya has rebranded to Telkom it now has 4g naskia and also home plans/packages,this is what caught my eye [ATTACH=full]104334[/ATTACH]

In the terms and conditions there is this also


So I wanted to ask those who have used it ama those who used orange unlimited how was the 256kbps after fup?

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Wanatumia pricing na strategy za 2010 in 2017. Pole kwao.


tuliona battalion are on the way.

Hii ndio imenimalisa [ATTACH=full]104370[/ATTACH]

Hiyo router, wako na nyengine ya 5000/-.

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Si a simple 4g enanled phone should suffice

Shida ni utauwa battery uki tether

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I switched data to orange the other day. 4G flickered just a few seconds and disappeared. 3G speeds are better than safaricom in nairobi and prices certainly better.

following for mobdro purposes

Naskia pia wanapeana 1 gb free everyday

Hiyo 4g itabidi utembee ndio upate.

Ile siku Safaricom/Airtel/Orange watapeana unlimited home internet wanitafute. If Zuku can do it, why not them?

Not on wireless they cannot.
Remember that all three networks have ,at some point, offered unlimited internet then stopped. In both Orange and Safaricom’s cases, the issue was the congestion only just a few users were causing on the network.
And that some people were trying to run cyber cafes on just a modem.
Both Safaricom and Orange do offer unlimited internet via wired services. It will however never happen on wireless.

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Need info if that service imefika huku Kitengela. Any meaningful leads would be highly appreciated.

I have used Orange-cum-Telkom for over 5 years now. I used to have the dual-play plan for home. I love how it has rebranded & when they passed by my house yesterday, I couldn’t resist getting the 4g enabled sim cards(I took two; for the router and mobile phone) . Good thing is; true to their word, they offer 1gb on a 4g-enabled phone everyday if you buy ANY data bundle. The home plans also came with 10gb free bundles. The prices have also been slashed. I did a couple of speed tests & the speeds were really fast. The 4g signal ain’t stable but I have never gone lower than 2 bars. The 3g signal is stable. The only time I noticed it doing its typical orange-missing was when I was walking on in a ditch. Otherwise, it seems like they have really upgraded their infrastructure for real. I use it for IPTV & the likes. And am kinda liking it. I’ll take a screenshot of a sample speed test on my Q10 & I’ll upload it here. Am loving this ISP

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I bought a simcard yesterday and am finding it hard to register it, their agents are not easily found

Currently in a long queue at Extelecoms trying to get a SIM swap. Seems service getting popular. Those ahead of me are mostly doing SIM swaps.

Nimeendea agent wa home naambiwa registration system is down


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See the speeds? And I still have some data left for today’s bundles