orange fisi

Ata Mimi kitu kama hii imewahi nifanyinkia nikiregister mpesa.


Hehe the kid just wanted to burst a nut sasa kazi imeharibika

Leta hekaya mblo…

Can’t a young nigga get love any more? Anyway, at least he will learn from this.

Hehehe. Ati pancreas

Breach of my privacy chieth. Nikavutwa job juu ya kitu kama io uyo madam atembelee kwa hewa juu tukipatana lazima nimuone war.

Penye tumefika unabidi utafte number mpya hii maneno unaruka nakusema ni msee wakamiti tryin to pull a fisi smh

Nowadays, it’s better to start of a conversation with a phone call first. Akiuliza ulitoa number wapi sema ulipewa na beshte yake flani, or any other vague lie. If the light turns green, you can now safely move to texts and watsapp… na kama ni kuomba maku, pigia yeye. You do it on watsapp kesho ukute ukitrend on Mharo news.


The story is causing a storm on twitter with feminists calling for his sacking while mafisi counter saying they see nothing wrong.
And quite a number of women are accusing that momo of over dramatizing what was essentially a very minor issue.

Why did the guy send his pic? Hii ni set up. Mtu hawezi kua mjinga hivyo.

Mimi siwezi futwa hapa. Nateta niseme niliacha phone mahali.

Fisiress ingine…[ATTACH=full]60354[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]60355[/ATTACH]

hii ni rebuttal ya mafisi?
The fisi did wrong by taking her number and texting her. angemwambia hiyo time anamserve intentions zake subtly to gauge her reactions first ama angecall tu

This bitch is sooo average,that explains her actions.

There was no absolute reason to do this.angemalizana nae huko huko

A simple No o blocking of the Fiss would have worked akiendelea stalking her ndio angemwanika

Exactly.the guy hata hakuwa ameenda far. Just a no would be enough

Link ama hash tag?

Went overboard? Are you for real? You mean every random Mpesa gal should be able to send me her pics without my consent? How many of those messages should I read per day?

This sadly confirms to me what I have always suspected - that most of you are incorrigible idiots. There is something called professionalism. Ethics and morality. You don’t use any info that comes to you by way of work to try and hit on a woman, period! If you want to call her/send her nudes, ASK her FIRST.

The jaruo needs to fry for chokozaring Wambui, if for nothing else.