Is this company calles optiven legit?

Ukinunua shamba 1.4 unatumwa maasai mara ukajibambe? Is this offer too good or what?

Maybe real BUT do your due deligence.

Reason i am asking what people know about them!

Shida ni location of parcels of land,and greenhouse kama kawaida ni kuingizwa tu.

Ask yourself,would you buy a shamba just to earn yourself a trip to Maasai Mara.
Do you know the cost of taking you to Mara would have already been factored in the 1.4m or rather on the product price.

Maasai mara is what we would call a fish hook or bait! Which brings into question its legitimacy ama watakuambia ulilipia maasai mara

Also on the same topic ya mashamba…what happened to that PRC story(ile ya no title deeds delivered)??

We cannot judge a book by it’s cover, kama amesema hivyo, who are we to say otherwise ? ? ?
Sasa nunua alafu ulete hekaya.

Do you know the beauty of your buying that mburoti in the middle of nowhere?
We’ll, at least the village will get hekayas and aidimin atanukisha red creole!

Mimi nakuomba ujaribu then urudi utupee ushuhuda

What I know is that Optiven has some of the most expensive land. Could even be 40% more expensive than the surrounding areas. So do the maths. Assuming they shaft you an extra 400k, giving you back 50k for a holiday in Maasai Mara is easy for them

thread closed. templar wa tissue offers anaskianga ‘offer’ anagurumisha cheki maneno

Anything you buy from Optiven you can get elsewhere at half that price within 3 kilometers. What’s more, the value additions they promise will not come for years. You will be holding on an overpriced plot of land that you cannot sell because it is over and above the market price for years. You will not be able to build on your plot because of their slow pace of the promised value additions (internal roads, electricity, water etc)
Optiven has great customer care when it comes to communication but as for value for your purchase, run for the hills!!!
Notice how Optiven loves to market to diaspora Kenyans. It’s because diaspora Kenyans don’t know of better ways to buy land si they trust Optiven
[SIZE=1][COLOR=rgb(41, 105, 176)]I never add exclamation marks but this is serious enough to warrant their use. I know what I’m taking about[/SIZE]