Optical Moi Avenue

Kuna this yellow fat ass fine mbish anafanya happy Optica Moi Avenue…hata kama sioni poa she’s fine af
…sikupiga picha poa but who knows her?

You know where she works, you obviously like her, why don’t you approach her the old fashioned way instead of wasting time online?

Kama unfikiria ni malaya cheza na bei bana


Probably coz she will ask to go on a date.

Which might end up costing in excess of 4k. 2k transport. 2k festivities. Kwanza if the bitch ako post wall amezoea kutoanisha wanaume hapo 8k. Just to talk to a dumb optica bitch in a fancy place.

And multiple hours lost.

Ingia tagged upate dame in like 5 minutes flat.

Now is a guy supposed to find “a regular datable” if he doesn’t have the guts to approach her in person? Spending on a date is something common

You need to have your eyes checked.

No guts to approach a woman?

It’s a typical Juvenile affliction… :D:D

Tafuta lanye anafanana na yeye

Mimi naona matiti flat na tumbo kubwa hiyo fat ass sijui iko wapi

Single mother spotted

Siku Moja mtapost hadi wake wa wenyewe huku

The amount of time you took to focus your camera, click and take a photo in secret was enough to approach her and say “Excuse me Miss. Naona nikam there is nothing that currently tickles my fancy. Could I have your number nikupigie when new stock comes in so that nikuje kuangalia?”

Ferking idiot.

[SIZE=7]You are a creep!!![/SIZE]

Aliona tumbo kubwa akadhani ndio ass

Kïpiiiii jinga sana, badala ya uombe namba kama mwanaume unapiga picha kisiri kama kïpiiii mijinga brare useless

Ask for her number badala ya kukuwa a scared stalker. Kwani wewe sio mwanaume? No cojones huko chini?

Very many disabled people around

Surely maze. Customer care women are the easiest to talk to because her job depends on her being polite. Unaeza mwambia “Nataka kupupu” and she will still reply with a smile on her face ju ni kazi yake. And yet uko hapa.