I took my small bro to get prescription glasses pale Moi Avenue last month … was greeted at the entrance by a light skin mama who Ushered me in (in English) , was attended to by different pple of all ages , but during our interactions (in ENGLISH) , i realised they all talked in sheng / swahili amongst themselves in my presence , but wouldn’t talk to me in Swahili even when i interjected them…

I get it , maybe they think being formal means ‘English speaking’ but i wonder whether this happens in Optica outlets in Turkey , China or Finland …

fyi : Africans are bonobos …

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Ni kama Alliance High School na Their Sister school.
Kitambo when going for contest walikua wanatugongesha githungu ingine noma but peke yao ni dholuo na sheng.

A bit off course but a reminder that having a grasp of the Queen’s language is not a measure of intelligence. However, ignorance also isn’t to be glorified.

By the way , nimewekelea kisungu hapo ndio msiseme ooohhh , @Deez Nuts apana jua githongo …sawa

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Africans have an inferiority complex … thats why you find sub-educated indians who barely speak english in optica management and educated negroes impressing everyone na kizungu mingi being paid peanuts …bure kabisa

Mimi nikienda mahali mtu ananiongelesha kizungu and I’m the customer, I pretend sijui kizungu. Kuna ngombe moja alijaribu ku insist nikamwambia aniitie manager nimuulize kama tuko London au Nairobi. Ilibidi anipatie service akiogea kiswahiri.
I’m the paying customer so I’m right and even when I’m wrong I’m still right because it’s the money that talks

I disagree.
I have been their customer for over 20 years and I have laughed , joked and flirted with those girls a lot in kiswahili.
Ata kuna mmoja tulikuwa tume exchange contacts karibu nichukue slices but was in a commited relationship at that time which I didn’t want to rock.

those are instructions from the management. talk Swahili and get fired. They want to capture a certain market.

Share the number i continue from where you stopped…

English and Swahili are both foreign languages, while it’s good for customers to be answered in their language of choice, it’s also good practice to try and standardize communication in an organization.

That sounds like a lie, Sir.

The Chuts who run the place come from India and do not know Swa. There are always within ear-shot in case Kyalo/Mutua and Co. are trying to discuss a “spectacles deal” with a client.

Have you been to Biashara street lately? Munyao/Musyoka and Co. can sell you an item for half the price the Mhindi is selling right inside the shop. “Boss chukua namba yangu unipigie…”

Ah, now that makes sense.

it’s not a smart stategy…

Nyumba apan tambua hiyo upuss.

You were there with the talker, madam?

Nonsense, if you’ve lived in Kenya for at least two years then you should understand swahili. Optica has been around for how long? So customers should be forced to speak English because the management is too lazy to learn Swa? That’s just a stupid excuse.

Ebrahim’s was looted to the ground by it’s staff using this strategy. Hata Eastleigh niliona hii tabia sana. A Kao secretly added an extra item.

Well for starters the fellow is gayy just like you, so he is obviously lying when he mentions girls.

Secondly hio story ati he flirted… almost took slices but in the end held off, sounds phony.