Opposition is already weeks late in preparing for 2027

Uhuru is gone. Raila is done. Why does opposition keep clinging on hope that they will provide connections and/or finances. A presidential campaign is an expensive affair, no doubt. To beat Ruto in 2027 will require a huge financial investment or a brilliantly executed campaign, none of which guarantees a victory.

If Kalonzo has to have a realistic chance, he needs to conglomerate his brigade starting yesterday. And I think only Kalonzo has a realistic chance. The Sakajas and Aratis haven’t built political mileage. A new engine in a car takes time to threshold performance.

Time waits for no one. Constitution keeps rolling. There will never be a revolution in Kenya. The country didn’t wilt under Moi, it certianly won’t collapse under Ruto. Structures in place are too sound. It’s the reason Ruto can confidently walk the streets of NY a week after being declared, something a new President in Ivory Coast couldn’t dare. And anyway, the country can still borrow indefinitely to stave off a collapse. KRA will keep pressing to increase remittances.


tuko nyuma ya Ruto

Kalonzo if backed by RAO and Uhuru , then capitalize on Ruto underperfomance will give Ruto and Gachagua a run for their money.

Hakuna run yenye these guys will give WSR…by now Baba has lost a huge chunk of his base mbaya sana…Luhya’s wameshatoka kwa maneno ya Baba

WSR won’t lose in 2027. He’s just too smart to lose an election to Kalonzo.

Let’s Ruto name his Executive branch of Government, we see how well his team holds up, then we wait for him to fulfill his pledges.
Alafu, how well is his team disciplined, Let’s hope his 5 years will be corruption free, else, atashukumwa kweli kweli

He has the IEBC in his pocket. Jamaa anatoka 2032

Anyone with aspirations should plan for 2032 WSR with his gab and energy 2027 anashinda na 70% all he needs is to keep mt Kenya in the fold.

A lot of guys around Raila are spent forces, and it shows. I wonder how people like Peter Kenneth will revive their political careers without joining JSKS. Think about it, even if someone like Kalonzo is the face of opposition he’ll be almost 80 once Ruto is done in 2032. By then we’ll be pushing 60 million, and mostly younger voters who will want younger leaders of that time.

Vile wamefinya hustlers by next year ntakua mnalia amalize aede .