Opposition has started working

The official opposition coalition party met to plan how they’ll hold the ruling coalition accountable. There’s no handshake this time. Bserekali na upinzani should be distinct & separate. [/B]


kalonzo naona ameanza kujitoa in his true watermelon nature

Kalonzo i am sure he is regretting supporting Raila now , his pals madvd na weta will be eating big on the other side

What I find laughable coming from seemingly educated folks is the notion that Raola is Ruto’s nemesis and vice versa while weta and madvd are in a different camp from Raila, Uhuru and Kalonzo. As tinga himuselwfu says; nothing could be further from the truth. Wakenya wapake mate kwa sababu ni bila utelezi kama ilivyo kuwa mwanzo.

cope harder jaruo …I know there’s a saying that there are no true enemies in politics but ya Ruto na Raila ni real .It’s personal and no amount of coping will change that fact.

That as long as the Monkeys are alive, It doesn’t matter which forest they’re operating from. To another 5 years.


Lungs. Kwa lungs. Weka kwa lungs.

This one never gets old.:D:D


This also quite something

Simba Arati ni jambazi…you could tell Didmus fears him probably from previous interactions. Ati we are koliks:D:D
Hapa kawangware simba Arati anaogopwa kabisa.

This would not have happened if we had a strong opposition.

Fuck him , now it’s his chance to strengthen his muscles in opposition and deal with government pretending to be on masses side so that they give him sympathy slices 20 years after jsks retires

I feel so disgusted that an illiterate mkamba is quoting my post. Please refrain from it and never like my post again .

He shitt bricks! Jamaa anajifanya na pistol amd met his match:D

WE dont have political ideologies opposition here is useless even when strong