Opportunity for the shiney eyes

Huyu Mwende is now a hot cake. Unless they hire G4S 24/7 naona ma-shiney eyes wakivamuzz na hizi Kes 10m artificial hands.

http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/article/2000219215/mwende-with-my-new-hands-i-feel-complete [ATTACH=full]61865[/ATTACH]

y are they usually so expe…kwani zinajicontrol???

Uliza Mwende.

Najua fellow shiny eye Kush has already thought of a good use for them. Palmela hatachoka tena…


Why do I think that the proportioning is a bit off?? Whatever the case, it’s a great gesture for Mwende.

Bibinono, I am always amazed by people blaming shining eyes for everything and yet the cattle in their shags sleep inside their residential house due to theft.