Opportunities in offering niche-skills education services

Seriously, are there niche-area opportunities for start-ups in education that offer either some sort of tertiary education, bridging courses or special skills in a niche areas that are largely ignored by mainstream institutions? What specific opportunities exist for instance for short courses that offering job-readiness for youth facing barriers to employment? (apart from the usual computer skills in MSOffice and Internet); are programming, web-development courses, hospitality courses relevant anymore? Are there specific management course required by the counties??

How marketable are the certificates you will be offering?

There are some areas which you can only get training outside the country. That would be a niche target. The barrier is the high cost required to certify your trainers to be able to deliver this training, besides the infrastructure. As an example, getting an authorized red hat Examiner will set you back around 3m. Training is in Germany. Getting a licence to train in OCM will require you to invest in an Exadata database machine, currently retailing at approx US$1.4m. That is why we are limited to the “common” training.

I am not very much conversant with areas outside ICT, so management training may be a different thing all together.

There is an organization called DOT located at Museum Hill. They provide training on Startups, social entrepreneurship and ict.