Opportunities Abroad

Guys this may sound like a silly question but let me just ask:
If someone has a degree in education can they get opportunities to teach abroad e.g. in US, Canada or even UK? Do you know of anyone who did education and is now teaching or working abroad?

I know a few Kenyans teaching huku Yukei on all levels of education so it can be done.
What i cunt tell you is how they manouvered their way to this jobs.
You never ask people such questions its just the unwritten rule with a majority of Kenyans abroad. Most would never tell you anyway ndiyo usimshinde.
it is what it is.

Thanks for the response. At least now I know that it’s possible. Now lemme try and find out how I can get there

Huko Yues you can teach. They have a shortage of teachers, especially in the inner city schools because it’s akin to going to a war zone. :smiley:

There are Kenyans doing it. Do you have a post graduate degree? Start by having your degree(s) or qualifications evaluated by WES. Nothing is impossible in this world.

Ata huku Yukei especially primary and secondary level the ones i know are teaching in schools you wouldnt want your kids to go to.
But for college and university lecturer jobs hao wako poa.

Niaje Ka’buda…angusha hekaya mushienzi wewe.

Kadere juu ya inflation in UK huwa hapost hekaya. He used to post them akiwa mulevi. Saa hii kila kitu Iko juu Hadi Hana few pennies left for imbibing.

Nilisikia baby mamas walipipinya yeye makagari…siku hizi he squats to pee…But i did not believe that shit.

Man down! I repeat. Man down!

wEWE tafuta to connection bora uko na papers you teach anywhere you want or get employed anywhere you want