Opportunistic domain registrars

Guys, can you recommend a good domain registrar for a .com domain? I heard many of them are opportunistic and that they’ll register a domain associated with your search term, if they deem it nice, way before you even complete your domain search. Gratias!

Namesilo or namebright

Most common, easy, catchy, viable, .com domains are expensive or unavailable.

Go daddy, enum

worst is true host kenya.
They hike charges every year and reduce features any time they want.

Exactly. A talker complained here some day. I have also experienced the same issues. Even when looking for names such as matako.com

Dont try godaddy, they will entice you with a first year offer and then slap you with a $25 renewal fee, for tlds I use porkbun and kenyawebexperts for kenya domains.