Huyu jamaa apewe whatever he uses, on my tab.

As the owners of the country we can decide anything. We can even dissolve the country. We can even decide to run the country on manna if it seems fit.
What I mean is that it is not feasible to extract taxes from every the citizen because most don’t benefit from it. Government officials and a few others that benefit are the ones that pay taxes. From the others no one can dare demand.

All consumers r taxed thru the goods we buy including unga, gas n sugar,.
Jaribu Ku import gari uone

Upuzi! People pay VAT, contribute and enhance to the economy than just via direct tax payments. This is below basement thinking.


kuna around 30 million adult youth in kenya, wapatie wote kazi muone kama hamupati tax ya 15 trillion a year muunde ma electric SGR mpaka Wajir

Truth be told, most Kenyan voters are low IQ bonobos.

I can’t take anybody seriously who says he/she says will vote for Ruto to punish Uhuru.

Very stupid voters.

As if the rest don’t buy stuff na wanakatwa VAT.

Ndio nimesoma hiyo post nikashindwa hajui tax ya mafuta, gas etc hufikia kila mtu. That’s where Uhunye hufinya watu wa nil returns. Mkono ya serikali ni refu sana. You can run but you can’t hide from taxes.

Also, the only reason they get away with nil returns is because KRA can’t afford to go after their peanuts. Wajaribu ku-file nil returns when transacting large sums and KRA will be at your business instantly.

I second his thoughts…Quite sensible

Then those who file returns are taxed twice and it is unfair

Hebu weka thread inahusu Masten Wanjala tuone vile @uwesmake atafanya. Ameng’oa thread saba leo ambazo zinahusu hio Bukusu vampire.

Jaba and keg have no VAT meaning you pay no tax.

This narrative of voting for WSR to punish UMK is a load of green and yellow boogers, just because the family decided the wolf from Sugoi isn’t a viable investment does not mean we will toe the line.

The man was instrumental in campaigning for Konyagi and staying the claws of the ICC, and for his reward he was sidelined for the guy who wanted them jailed in the 1st place.

We don’t forget, we don’t forgive, and like the Lannisters we pay our debts.

Tin gods and goddesses have never been our forte, long live GEMA.