Operation zalieni wazungu :Single mom tells how she bitterly beat up her son who reminded her of her dead beat baby daddy

BTW I have noticed that if the kid looks like the dad, single mums usually really abuse these kids especially if they are boys. The solution to all these chimpanzee drama ni kuzalia wazungu. If you are going to be a single mother ensure that your sperm donor is white. Yaani full Caucasian. Jipende wamama.


Pia wewe ni single mum of two.Umachapanga wajunior wako?

Singo motha NI singo motha .

Tabia na Hasira mingi


Kindly join mzungu forums…

She knows herself, who would want to hook up with an ugly old sheboon with bipolar and ocd, even chimpanzees don’t want her