Operation Wrath of God


Hawa watu si mchezo, I read somewhere that their female operatives can do anything within their means (read kugawa slices) to get intel. Halafu after the Kikambala bombing in which some Israelites were targets Mossad agents landed in Kenya and blended with the coastal residents speaking kiswahili as if they were natives.

It was also called Operation Kidon(Bayonet)…and in some cases they would send wreaths to the target’s family 3 or 4 days before elimination…and in other cases they would place obituary notice some days before they struck.

Most importantly, those who were shot had 11 bullets from the signature mossad rifle of the operation, cant remember its name…a bullet for each of the fallen athlete.

Talk about retribution served cold…but memories of the holocaust and this happening on german soil ilifanya waruke kichwa…

You need to watch a documentary on OPERATION ORCHARD…how one lady fisked a syrian scientist and transferred everything to their HQ in Tel Aviv concurrently…apana machezo hizi jamaa

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