Operation Wrath of God

Mossad apana mchezo

a covert operation directed by the Mossad to assassinate individuals involved in the 1972 Munich massacre in which 11 members of the Israeli Olympic team were killed.


We wanted to make them look over their shoulders and feel that we are upon them. And therefore we tried not to do things by just shooting a guy in the street – that’s easy.

True to their words…zero chills given!

Several hours before each assassination, each target’s family received flowers with a condolence card reading: “A reminder we do not forget we do not forgive.”

The first assassination occurred on October 16, 1972, when Palestinian Wael Zwaiter was killed in Rome. Mossad agents had been waiting for him to return from dinner, and shot him twelve times

Mossad agents also began to follow Mohammad Boudia, the Algerian-born director of operations for Black September in France, who was known for his disguises and womanizing. On June 28, 1973, Boudia was killed in Paris by a pressure-activated bomb packed with heavy nuts and bolts placed under his car seat.


Mtu aliwekewa IED kwa kiti ya gari manze. Hata afadhali heart attack ama stroke.


hizo assasinations zinakaa kama movie

Shortly afterward, three Mossad operatives travelled to London to meet with a source who offered information on Salameh. When the source failed to show up, the team members began suspecting they were under surveillance. A female assassin-for-hire seduced one of the agents in a hotel, then shot him dead in his hotel room. The Mossad team members located the woman in Amsterdam three months later, and she was killed near her home on August 21 after she instinctively reached for a weapon as the team approached her. Local sources revealed that she was a freelance assassin, and it was never learned who exactly contracted her to kill the agent. The kidon team leader was later reprimanded for acting outside the assigned scope of the mission.[5] One of the team members said, “most of our victims plead for their lives before being killed but not this woman. She was different. She didn’t plead. She looked us all directly in the eye with cold detached hatred. Her face reflected nothing but disdain and defiance before we killed her.


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Jews are savages…


Unalipuliwa na nati za FH. Shait!




Thanks for the link. Have come across the names Gold Meir and Dayan Moshe, first female prime minister (original iron lady) and Defence minister respectively, names that are so familiar yet Gold Meir died in 1974, a whole 10 years before I was born. Interestingly shes originally Russian yet she ended up as ISrael PM. Yizak Rabin and Shimon Peres are the other two names we never missed from kbc tv news while growing up. Good memories and very dark history behind these names


[ATTACH=full]94016[/ATTACH] there’s this Hamas leader. Ahmed Jabari… He was liquidated in pinpoint airstrike, on a crowded Gaza street. only his car was hit.no one else was touched. uzito nayo…








Stranger than fiction.




Hawa “watoi wa Abraham” ni ‘fire of otaling from far’.


Wachokozi, no wonder yale yalitokea pale ujerumani. I passionately hate those bastards. Total wipeout’s needed…they think they’re special


Very interesting reading

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Long live israel


They are indeed special for how does a group of immigrants oppressed all their lives with ghettos invented for them and denied the right to own property end up controlling the economy of europe, then after the progrom they move to the us and end up controlling the american and the world economy and politics? Kenya is older than Israel and all we have to show for it is hungry kids with protruding tummies, dim eyes swinging a catapult and shny eyes carrying public funds in a philistine age gunia. Definitely muisraeli na wengine…



The agent who was seduced and killed while they knew they were under surveillance aliangusha kikosi:

When the source failed to show up, the team members began suspecting they were under surveillance. A female assassin-for-hire seduced one of the agents in a hotel, then shot him dead in his hotel room.

Fascinating story, though!!

Imagine, 1972:

The second target of Mossad was Mahmoud Hamshari, the PLO representative in France. Israel believed that he was the leader of Black September in France. Using an agent posing as an Italian journalist, Mossad lured him from his apartment in Paris to allow a demolition team to enter and install a bomb underneath a desk telephone. On December 8, 1972, the agent posing as a journalist phoned Hamshari’s apartment and asked if he was speaking to Hamshari. After Hamshari identified himself, the agent signalled to other colleagues, who then sent a detonation signal down the telephone line, causing the bomb to explode.

Kumbe Wikipedia can be a thriller!!

A Mossad katsa spotted a Fiat van parked in a field close to the flight path. The agent ordered the driver to step out. The back door then flew open, and two militants opened fire. The agent returned fire, severely wounding both of them. The van was found to contain six missiles. The driver escaped on foot, and was pursued by the agent. He was captured as he tried to hijack a car driven by another patrolling Mossad operative. The driver was bundled into the car and taken to the truck that served as Mossad’s mobile command post, where he revealed the whereabouts of the second missile team after being severely beaten.