OPERATION RUDISHA PESA. UHURU-RAILA Should Refund Tax Payers' Money Used To Finance ruBBIsh

We give them 21 days ultimatum ama tuchome hii KENYA

Mama Ngina arudishe pesa zetu. Hii Kenya sio yao

I agree. Warudishe pesa ya hio upusssy

Kenyans don’t give a damn, otherwise if it were one of those developed country citizens would marching in the street. Lakini Uhuru knows we are enslaved fools.

What should be worrying Kenyans is the so called basic structure, because henceforth, any constitution amendment has to go through the courts for our Judges to decide if it touches on Basic Structure or the Eternity clauses.
Our courts amended the constitution, knowingly or unknowingly.

not true. If you want to amend aclause that yu think may touch on basic structure, there is a procedure that was provided.

Is there a breakdown of the expenditure ama ilikua tu pea huyo billioni mbili, weka billioni tatu kwa ac ya maggy, halafu weka 1.2b kwa Idda…ng’ombe kama junet patia yeye 50m only