Operating a petroleum fuel truck : The famous FRR

Anyone in this bussiness? Leta insights…A friend wants to buy this to expand his bussiness. He is already running a small petrol station.

@Meria Mata

Following, after elections I am establishing a transport business with 4 FRRs zero mileage. Eager to base these insights

Go for it…i have a cousin pale Thika,he started with one now he has three,he brings in animal feeds raw materials and cereals from TZ .

In general, be cautious about any business in the transport sector. Don’t believe whole heartedly what you are told. If you don’t have a guaranteed contract, try and stay clear of any entry.

True,sio anunue za kutega…my cousin was already in the cereals business…so he diversified,got a truck and ventured into raw materials

Hapo I agree. Two things:
Have an existing business that requires and would pay back the truck.
Two do not rely on kuipeleka kiwanja and hope to service the loan… Wanaume wanalia huku nje.