Opera picks Nairobi as Africa Hq and Eddie Ndichu as Fintech MD

No.14. Fastest internet in Africa and among the fastest in the world.

Huyu ndio yule hubby wa Janet Mbugua

How do opera mini make money if it’s free

I see what you did there:D

Kumbe hio fala ikona tu money

Since it was sold to Chinese businessmen, the browser comes bundled with ads. The move into Africa is because this where majority of its users are located.

I thought they are talking about digital financial services?

Another thing @spear wanted you to note is that, Eddie Ndichu is the lucky chap who manages those goods that leave villagers drooling (slobbering), wanking material that Janet Mbugua is to most of the blue handles here.

wacha niendelee kujibamba na free credit za Opay

The question was about how they currently make money, which is ads. The fintech stuff is diversification away from their core business.