Opera picks Nairobi as Africa Hq and Eddie Ndichu as Fintech MD

[SIZE=6]Internet firm Opera bets on Kenyan to steer Africa Fintech[/SIZE]
WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 3, 2018 11:29

Internet browser company Opera has picked Eddie Ndichu to drive its Fintech strategy in Africa even as it prepares to set up an office in Nairobi. In a statement Tuesday, Opera said that it had appointed Mr Ndichu as the managing director and vice president for Fintech in Africa.

“This appointment is the first step in the company’s plans to have a Kenyan office which will become the East African hub,” said Opera.

Mr Ndichu’s appointment is in line with a diversification strategy that has seen the firm dip its feet into the financial services market. The company in December launched OPay- a payments service integrated into its Opera Mini browser that allows users to top up air time and pay utility bills.

Opera has said that it is investing Sh10.3 billion ($100 million) in Africa’s digital economy over the next two years and OPay is part of those investments. Mr Ndichu joins the Oslo-based company from KCB where he was the head of digital financial services and mobile payments

are they writing people?


Have you writed to them?

They must write staff.

Thirsty Thursday everywhere

Wamechelewa. Wangeingia wakati watu walikuwa wanaresist wangeiita Opay by Omera Mini hehehe.

I guess these tech company huwa wana analyse, the success that is M-Pesa, wanasema Nairobi is a must

Decision making pivot point

You’re short of saying Jubilee development

Its more than that.

  1. Ease of starting operations and doing business.
  2. Liberal and easy to understand legal system that encourages investment.
  3. Simple and digitized Tax regime.
  4. Liberal economy where financial institutions are vibrant with open forex exchange within and outside the country.
  5. Easy visa and work regulation at the immigration department.
  6. Air transport connections across Africa through JKIA.
  7. Electronic visa application at point of entry.
  8. Constant power. (Nigeria is constantly shedding and Ethiopia has inconsistent power if you aren’t based on its industrial parks)
  9. Skilled and exposed work force.
  10. Tech savvy population that allows quick uptake of different technology across the country.
  11. Free open society where citizens and foreigners can work and travel anywhere in the country.
  12. Investment friendly regime that promotes trade.

I disagree with that point. KPLC is like a trigger happy warlord that keeps shooting blackouts my way. Before you ask I am in Nairobi.

I disagree, kplc have really improved over the years and outages are short and far between.

Which part of Nairobi. I get maybe 1 blackout a month or two and that’s during the advertised maintenance. You know this days you can call them or report online they come investigate if its caused by obstructions, overload or illegal connections.

Boss umeshau No.14 … Our Debt is doing hurdles, we have already passed 4trillion…Impressive.


mr mkuki,pris tell kenya power watoe posts katikaki ya barabara hapo china ya outering road,service roads zimekwamaa sanaa kwa muda:(

Hii mwaka yote nime get only 3 blackouts,for real.kplc is reliable.

Anything wrong with debts?

Good move.