Opera Mini is GOAT

Whoever recommended this browser, thank you. Comes with an inbuilt VPN. And the layout is amazing and very user friendly.With the top bar and side bar. And it also blocks the annoying Youtube Ads. Just an amazing browser i think.

you get workspaces too

Wait till you test brave browser.

Brave milele!

You’re saying this today of all days…I literally started my election day by uninstalling Opera browser from my laptop.
Brave connoisseur hapa.

That Bukusu dwarf with small hands is really giving me a bad feeling. Unajua kako na swara mbaya sana hako kamLuhya!

Kamefanya Arsenal ikose kikombe for 16 good years. Na ujue kalikuja Nairobi that same year in 2004 kutoka Kamkuywa na tangu ka support Arsenal that was the last time they saw that cup.

@uwesmake bana!!!

Samsung browser iko chonjo.

Opera mini niiliwachana nayo juu ya tuko chieth. You used to click something Una kuwa directed Kwa umeffi ads.

On my PC, i use Avast secure browser, kwa tengy natumia Brave

Watu wa hindanet explora tukae wapi


PC/Mac version sio ya handset.

Opera browser you can disable news notifications

I doubt hio VPN ya Opera mobile huwork. Nishawahi jaribu kuingia Kenyan chat rooms kwa Chaturbate ikasema my location is blocked, meaning hio VPN haiwork.
Anyway, wait till you try Samsung Internet with all the ad blockers and privacy options and actual dark mode

Haha, watu wa ngono. Someone here explained how to disable your lokeshen kwenye hio site. Sijui Africa, Europe and others. Lakini mnatafuta nini huko?

Hahaha sijaona hio thread but I tried everything I could think of. There’s nothing much you can do with what they call a “basic” account. I think they use your IP to locate you.
But that was back in April. After like 2 weeks unaboeka unaondokea

Any Bromite user in the house?

chances are the VPN isn’t activated.
yangu inafanya poa sana.

but kuna chartrooms wanablock mtu so maybe wewe uliblockiwa na chart room specific.

Ilikuwa activated, na same chatrooms zilikuwa accessible kwa PC. Labda ilikuwa bug, or the mobile version’s VPN leaks

chrome ni worse than CIA …chrome ni data mining machine…