Opera Mini intrusive ads

Of late opera has been forcing their adds on people with their new updated versions of android, I realised It’s very hard to eliminate them even after patching with app like lucky patcher, But the funny thing is that within the browser itself there are settings to remove all the nonsense they force on people like recommended news, videos, betting, facebook…eg:

This is how to go about it, press the red big O, settings, start page content, pick your prevalence, buy default it’s set to force news and adverts. Eg:

[B]For data saving one can toggle between auto, High, and extremeven mode
(NB Extrene disables some functionality of a website but heavily saves on data)

To block ads from websites

Press Big O, settings, Data savings, turn adblocking switch to on.

At the end you end up with a clean startup if you don’t like the intrusion: Eg:[/B]

It has been their for a long time hata tumezoea. The interstitial ads run on every opera mini app whether old or new. You either use it or leave it. The company need to earn some revenue.

Hamia CM Browser huko u see what u want.

Who the fuck still uses this piece of trash app. Just use chrome

Another thing I discovered is that they don’t seem to incorporate the feature in their beta versions.

Haven’t used the beta version. Maybe i start using it now