Opening a fast food restaurant

I am thinking of opening a fast food restaurant. It’ll be some place outside Nairobi. Any advice from people who have been there before? where to get the best suppliers for electronics and food? What pos system is best? An estimate of an overall amount needed to start?


Micros symphony definitely, its widely used in most hotels

Thanks. How do I get it?

  • Be ready to spend long hours in the premises 16+ hours for the first few months.
  • Don’t worry about suppliers. They will deliver at your doorstep and they are very many.
  • Location is EVERYTHING. Fast food is a high volume and low margin business. You need a critical mass to survive.
  • Don’t underestimate competition. Feeding people is a competitive business.
  • Get used to working with new people, and be ready to fire others when they don’t operate according to your standards. The industry has a high staff turnover rate in general, so it’s not your fault.
  • If you get a location that costs more than 10% of your revenue after 3 months of operation, your chances of success will begin to diminish.

wacha local devs wanukishe onion bana…

@Ice_Cube tuma rink ya the replica of this thread from a few months ago:rolleyes:

for this biz, everyday will be a new day. every minute needs you. can you work under pressure, and remain calm? can you coordinate people towards a common goal? its a good biz but first days ndo zitaamua. make ur customers trust you. give them value for their money, good service, quality food

If you decide to start…please don’t allow flies inside your place …they disgust me mpaka i never go back to the fast food joint .

Fast Food Business - Business - Kenya Talk

Fast Food Restaurant - Business - Kenya Talk

iam of this idea too but according to my survey…you must have quality food service and luxuries like tv to attract extra customers during news.what i recomend is a survey on how existing hotels operates where you want to open one then you improve on their weaknesses

thanks brah you nefa disappoint.

sasa wewe soma izo rink umeekewa hapo na uache kurudia same threads

This is very insightful. Thank you.

Weka local instead ,hio iko na pesa na uweke football channels na you vet local lanyes wazuri

I think that location is everything for fast food business. In order to have profitable business you will need to attract lot of customers, so it needs to be in place where a lot of people passes on a daily basis. As for anything else, I think that you will manage without any problems