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Yangu ni hii



Jana am spending the night at our family home. Usiku my mbich texts me and I respond late around 40 minutes as I was doing something important. Now this girl all good qualities aside is a ferking petty bitch. If I text her 10 minutes late she waits 15 minutes to text and so on. You can create your own Monte Carlo simulation from that information. So 40 minutes will result in a wait time of say an hour. Ikafika around 9.30 and I just fell asleep. Kitu 10pm she calls me and I don’t pick up at the first instance. I pick up by the second ring with a sleepy voice and hiyo harakati ya kuniuliza kaa nimelala my mom and sister come back with the loudest wariah voice. Akaniuliza hiyo Kelele ni nini mimi bado nimelala I ignore it and ask her habari ya siku… Boom simu ikakatwa. Went back to sleep kitu 10 minutes later it hits me she doesn’t know niko kwa family… Urghhh this girl thinks am cheating on her.Called her 2 times and she didn’t receive and that’s the maximum number I can contact anyone without feedback. The who has a small dick/clitoris contest is on :D:D:D

Dump that mbitch for a mature one.

Upussy tupu, kwani u didn’t tell/inform her of your plans ?

You saying I give her an excel spreadsheet of my daily activities? Kwani ni bibi yangu?

Ata kama ni bibi kuna kitu inaitwa personal space. You don’t have to give her a log of all your daily activities.

Nimeboeka mbaya mbofu.How can I make myself more active and outgoing again

Stop wanking

Nakula na sikondi.

:frowning: Pls help.

Most of all relationship problems persist because people air their frustrations on social media instead of honestly communicating with their spouses. Kama ana shida mwambie, sasa ukiassume ata outgrow hiyo behaviour itakuja kukuuma later.

Naona vile huwa tunabebwa… :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

Punguza amanyabwari kwa diet alafu utanona omosubati :smiley:


The more a person insists he is a certain person/ethnicity while in an anonymous forum, it clearly states the opposite.

Nakunywa chai na silewi… Expecting a mango chini ya mnazi

Some form of translation would come in handy…

Amanyabwari = sweet potatoes
Omosubati = lady
Sasa tingiza mpesa yangu tingi tingi nifunge hii weekend omwami

Huuuh how did you find out…I will stop hence forth