Open Letter to Raila Amolo Odinga

This letter is meant for RAO and his sycophants.

Let me start of with what I thought you are: a true nationalist with a dream to build what has eluded Kenya since independence - A nation.
This is what you have proved to be: a political conman that preys on the feelings of millions of Kenyans. Look at where you leave the coastal people.

You knew how millions felt. You got in and cultivated it in 2006 and it’s what you have been riding on. All this long you were what Miguna truly said about you. A hypocrite. That is what you have been good at. You even screw women for party nominations. Yenyewe jaruo ni jaruo. Always putting cunts first ahead of integrity. You are worse than the witches who dominate where you are from. You have misused the poor souls from Kibera for what?
My hunch about you has been proven true. You are a staged bad example meant to kill activism in the country. If in the future there arises a true activist, what do you think will be the opinion of Kenyans about him/her?

You should die soon and go see your daddy satan. You truly represent evil. God always wins and God loves Kenya and that’s why no male is meant to survive you. I now bow towards Mount Kenya and beg to the ancient voices for being wrong and believing in a fish head.
Raila is a sellout and has been all through. You went against your tradition to make your people acceptable, ‘get circumcised’ you told them. Do you think Central will ever give you their vote. They realky always knew the evil in you.

Never trust someone who forgets where he is from. These JJs come to the city and become permanent residents and forget their HIV laden upcountry villages. They are a people not to be trusted. Coast people reneged on your behalf and made themselves enemies of the state for you. Protestors died for you. I curse you in the name of Gikuyu, I curse you by the old gods of the Mijikenda, I curse you by all spirits in plains of Ukambani, I curse you in the name of all gods of the Abaluhya and Abagusii. May you and your offspring always till hard to harvest vain and depression.

Yours true enemy,
Slice em surf

I didnt read this bullshit.

I have never seen anything thought-out from a Jubilant… they just say the same dumb things over and over again

@admin tuondolee huu umeffi priss!!!

Guys have moved on and you still wanking on old man’s scandals ? Move the ferk on and by the way sijasoma this garbage and if you want Raila to read your rant , please pay for space kwa gazeti .Raila doesn’t know ktalk exists

Raila is just a man !

You deserve to be whipped butt naked, viboko bila heshabu. How on earth does RAO come to your region, and tell you to hate certain communities and you agree ?

Wuot is?

I don’t see anywhere he claims she’s a woman.

Actually my phone can’t show the story but i think the girl has no right to beat up her boyfriend in public. Maybe they should report the matter to their village elders. But if the neighbour refused to pay the rent, they should just kill the landlord and forget about the missing car.

Siasa ilibore. Ata naskia uvivu discussing politics nowadays. Raila is a cunt!

The correct retort would’ve been, “I don’t see any claim that he’s a spirit ( or an animal or a lump of ugali)”.

Keep practicing. You might catch up.

^^^^^ Another episode of ‘Tough Men Also Cry’, starring @slice em surf as Alejandro Garcia and RAT as Veronica Castro. Pris pris pris, mafeelings pelekea bibi yako. Huku we engage our brains, not our hearts.

I decide what to post, mafunzo peleka application TSC.

I prefer ngumbaro

Why do people use this famous quote " why did chicken cross the road? " anyone care explain

There are many reasons that can make a chicken cross the road.

it was going for a nyaf

Leo kutanyesha tena wadau?

You even screw women for party nominations. Yenyewe jaruo ni jaruo. Always putting cunts first ahead of integrity. You are worse than the witches who dominate where you are from. stupid kikuyu. go fuck a dog, donkey or your grandma.