open letter to mrs. chantel -- you're a fraud

Dear @Mrs. Chantel,

My name is Anne Kerubo. I am a militant feminist and reigning queen of ktalk.

In many ways, you and I are alike. We’re both kenyans, we’re both in our 20’s - 30’s, we both hate @Swansea, and we both have hundreds of fans.

But this letter is not meant to address our likeness, but our differences.

When you first came to my attention, I was super-duper excited. I loved your avatar and your humour. I pointed you out to all my friends.

But then I discovered one disappointing detail about you: you are not female. You’re a grown man with a mangrove forest and two avocado-sized balls between your legs. You are a fraud.

I can’t help but think of all the poor talkers who have been fooled into liking your posts and inboxing you under the impression that you’re a chic.

@Mrs. Chantel, you’ve made a fool out of us. By pretending to be something you’re not, you’ve tricked many of us into liking your posts.

My high regard for you has been burst – much like a balloon dropped on a porcupine. You’ve made me feel like my life is a lie.

I hope you’re shamefully purged from this forum.

Yours truly,

Anne Kerubo, former fan (when I thought you were a chic)


:D:DUmekataa kulala na machungu

@anne kerubo = @Mrs. Chantel = @Tauren = @patco = @Sidindi Bey = pure bullshitt

I cant keep up with the number of personalities any more.

Mental cases are on the rise.

Since when did Ktalk became the asylum?

The ghaseeer typing all this nonsense [ATTACH=full]491765[/ATTACH]

:D:D Patco ni kuongeza handles tu

Half of ktalk handles ni zake…na kujiongelesha na handles zake. Very weird guy

@Electronics4u this is hatespeech. Ban this moron.

Buttricia you need mental health check

:D:D:D:eek::D:D talkers have smoked uwesmakende female handle , enyewe uwesmakende is a cat with 200 handles

The real multiple handler is uwesmakende :D:D

Picha ya @Mrs. Chantel inacause ripples mbaya.:smiley:

You too.

Patco group of handles