Open Debate

Slim is Gold its clean, mobile and satisfying. Land whales are tiresome,sweaty n smelly…

Problem with marrying a landwhale is that akizaa na azeeke ataanza kukaa kama nyanyako


Fungua roho @Tyler Boy We won’t judge you.

Lets put your flawed theory to the Test …

Which of the 2 below do you consider better …???

There used to be a slim girl pale Rico. Kam-meru fulani mfupaste. Used to be her frequent pooooosy Customer. Bado huwa namsaka.


ya mwisho

slim all the way number moja mambo yote

I prefer nyama.Jana nilitomba landwhale ingine for 30 minutes mpaka akanifukuza ilibidi nisake another landwhale nimalizie. Waaaah bangi na sildenafil ni mbaya

Landwhales are the best. Bones aren’t sweet at all!!

Wewe nyanyako anakaaje?

Kama nyanyako tu boss

Technical sweep :smiley:

definitely the first one…ngeus mnapelekana na yeye mbio…

fellas who have affinity for ferking rhinos have some very serious mental issues…

On Point …
And for the avoidance of any doubt …


for once i agree…this one is the right thick…uyu siezi mind kulipa 6k