Oohh Yess 4


Weee:D:D:D:DI have a real life example of where I ever loved and was not loved back. Kuna tofauti kubwa sana hapa. Huyu crane driver alikuwa ‘kisafisha mecho’ tuu. Love na kufurahisha macho are 2 different entities.
Na ujue… other white housewives were gawking at him too and these black men here, the likes of him prefer white women.:mad:

Safisha mecho cannot be an end in itself, it leaves a vague sense of anticlimax. That’s what you are feeling now–missing something you’ve not had, coz you’ve opened a secret space in your life for that person to occupy that remains empty as long as the person doesn’t step up to claim it.
The black guys who prefer white women is mainly because they seek a different experience, it’s just an adventure, that’s all and it’s normal to want to experiment, before you rate each experience, and resort to default setting, as most will:D This is true of every race by the way. Even the most racist non-black people still wish to sample a black woman. That’s the way mulattos come to exist.

And on that very educative note …:D:D







You had to illustrate:D
On that note I dedicate this to two restless women, each differently troubled by her own emotions. Here’s to @TrumanCapote and @Finest wine :

I disagree. Safisha mecho is just that. Nioshe mecho niende zangu. Men and women are different. Men will want to take things further, women not.