Oohh Yess 4

Oohh Yess … :D:D




Hiyo ni matiti ama sahani ya kulia chips?

mateetee imelala but siwezi mind kuziamusha na miti ya kuamushia ndisi
2,000 rwandaneese francs mwisho

Fallen warriors but bado hii nakula

The boobs daaaammmnn…but hizo nyeusi nyeusi hivi hii size kafupi ndio kusema.
Leo nimekubali.

@Finest wine ms.maskini ndio huyo kabisa but with pony tail or corn rows and smaller pekier boobs, slightly darker.

pia mimi nakula hii

anakaa kunuka panga soap

This will only make sense to Legends in here …:D:D



:D:D:D:DHaki si umenionea walai? sivaangi weave ama wigs…na huwa naficha ‘ngotha’ kiasi…

Halafu ile maneno ya crane driver mlifikishana wapi…ama ulikula kwa macho?

Crane driver went for xmas break and never came back:mad:. His house wives mafans got a tall, thin lightskinned replacement instead. Not easy on ‘our eyes’. So nikajipea shugli kuosha mecho na Mr Seed on YT.
Lakini, I blame the departure of that hunk on huyu msee @Lionheart. He jinxed it with his hard to comprehend poetic posts.:D:D:D:D:D

Probably asked for a transfer coz you and the fans werent making a move.
But all is not lost…i see opportunity…if you were really feeling the dude.
All you need to do is to approach the crane drivers colleague and voila…hook up…thats if one of his fans hasnt already.
Lifes too short…have some fun…no need surpressing feelings…and dont pretend you had none…some mysterious force/energy was sending you to your balcony day after day for a dose of optical nutrition.
Dont be to hard on yourself…rules and vows are there to be broken.

No, Ma’am Finest.Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour. There’s absolutely no witchcraft in my words. It’s you who developed cold feet, and sat fidgeting and squirming day after day on the balcony–both pairs of lips trembling…until his time was up. Sina makosa.

I feel terrible for finest.
Keeping all that stuff bottled up…looking on helplessly…day by day by day.
Id rather die…thats just too much for me to handle.
Nitapanda hio crane na miguu na mikono ikibidi…afadhali nijaribu anikataeh.
Id even settle for kiss…even a peck on the cheek would do…its better than wrestling with thoughts feeling emotions and moist trembling lips…:D:D:D:D
Nataka kufa…woiyo
Juu ya mapendo…
Theres a song that goes by those words try youtubing it sijui kama iko huko.

Hehehe, @Finest wine was probably too young to have heard that song. Here it is:

Nimeshikwa na nostalgia. I used to watch him report to work and also close office aka climb up and down the crane. Waaaa alienda tuu hivo. And now the flats are complete and the crane was removed last weekend. It was a sad day for some of us. He was a black, buff and well dressed. And he knew we were watching him.
Umenikujia na nguvu nikama nime-deny:D:D:D:D:D. Re-underlined.

:D:D:D:D:D:DHere we go again!

Fantastic song with great beats very danceable…lakini wanasema nini?

I don’t know, other than that bit “Nataka kufa juu ya mapendo”. Everything else is in Lingala. I suspect that, unlike in your case, someone loved and wasn’t loved back, whereas you loved, and feared being loved back:D