Ooh sijui china wamekuja kutuibia

What do you expect when your own government would rather waste billions to give octagenarians who will be DEAD in 10 years more positions instead of upgrading our schools. This is what a superpower of the future looks like[ATTACH=full]332002[/ATTACH]

They study in Chinese which is also their mother tongue. If we could also perfect our swahili, we would be the second best.

The honest truth is that asians outperform everyone academically regardless of language. We were studying in a foreign language and the Chinese/Koreans/Japanese/Singaporeans would outperform everyone else, including our hosts the native speakers of the language of instruction. There was this Chinese Malaysian girl, I will never forget. She’d calculate Tensor Calculus problems like it’s simple algebra. There’s also the other part that they work 10 times harder than everyone else. It’s an IQ plus culture thing.

Ethiopia and Tanzania must be doing marvelous by your standard. It’s not the language of instruction but the quality of.

It’s a culture thing.
the best mathematicians and scientist who were consequential in their academic input were never that smart in class. in fact they were rebellious eccentric non-conformists. that is why these so called geniuses can only copy what the so called lesser IQ people produce. Even kenyans are more original in thinking than chinese.

There are many poor asian countries. Potential does not equate achievement. You still need to make the investment

What has academic performance got to do with there being poor asian countries?
And even on the same note, none of the countries I mentioned specifically can be termed as poor anyway.

Well, first of all, all the countries you mentioned are part of what are called the Asian Tigers. No matter, countries that have invested heavily in educating their youths have done extremely well the world over. In fact, the percentage of GDP invested in education and academia combined with the number of STEM Degrees produced is commensurate to the rise in GDP ranking for the past 3 decades. it’s almost as if there is a direct correlation between quality of education and the success of a country in the medium and long term. To answer the last part of your country, there ARE poor Asian countries. Their poverty is directly relatable to doing the opposite of what China ([SIZE=1]read in the context of an Asian tiger[/SIZE]) does


ukweli mtupu…

So in other words, there’s nothing my Original Post said that is wrong.
No one is disputing that there are poor asian states actually. If you check my posting history, I have written about it before.
In the case of poverty in the Philippines I wrote an extensive post about it, complete with videos and comparisons to where Kenya is headed if we vote in the dynasties. I have first hand experience of the poverty there. Just received pics yesterday from someone in Bicol region of the devastation the typhoon juzi has caused in Camarines Sur.