Ooh NO!

Poor boy![ATTACH=full]189627[/ATTACH]

They must be close … very close. This is sad


Damn. Reminds me of my kiki

This need a national mourning day. Sad day indeed.

Gut wrenching

losing a dog hurts

sissies everywhere!

:frowning: apana

Huoni majamaa karibu waaanze kutuma ma-RIP:D:D:D

A dog is dead…its dead!

commercial break…


:D:D:D…RIP snoopy doggy doggy…


Bunch o ’ crap

So sad…

snoop lion my Fren

Let us pray for this unfortunate kipii hujui labda He used it to chase kina @Abba and now his goose is cooked.

All Dogs go to heaven …rip mutina

The saddest thing captured on camera