Only Somalis and Luhyas are patriotic to Kenya

God will raise more of @Bingwa Scrotum kin to be in charge of institutions in this country because they are the only ones who mean well for the country

unajua difference ya somali na borana?

Maswali mingi na hukusoma sana ukue lawyer or teacher

iska waran?

Ficaan … you have your language; use it …Kila mtu aongee kikwao

Side tehay?

How comes IEBC iko na waSomali wengi hivyo.
Why are foreigners allowed to run with such key govt agencies?

I thought somalis identify more with Somalia than Kenya


Hawa have betrayed their religion, stealing is haraam

Somalis are hard core irredentists, you clearly don’t know what you are talking about.

Marjan is descended from Sudanese nubians

Goat fucker si uko na kiburi na tunajua wewe ni stupit maragoli Moran?

Anyone who has witnessed chaos firsthand and how it can lead to lawlessness such as South Sudan,Somalia

Works towards avoiding that
Watu wengi husema kaende kaende but that kaende can lead to devastating effects

Good question.

Somalis were considered to be politically neutral after 2007. And they are not foreigners they were born here and are citizens.

I don’t have a problem with Somalis. But most of them have divided loyalties. They have Kenya and Somalia. You will only live and die in Kenya. Do you think you can be appointed in IEBC in Somalia?

Somalia is still very young, however i have worked with few Somalis and those guys will cross the river to pull you out if need be. Aside from religious differences they are loyal as they come esp from specific clans… Some of the best “interrogators” come from this crop of guys.

Not to mention straight forward

Somalia patriotic to Kenya? Kwani niko nchii ingine