Only Ruto can solve these Vumbistan roads


Traffic police should BE fired they have failed to maintain order on the roads

How will he sort it out?

'Only Ruto can solve those Vumbistan roads.’

Is it a power, a magic, a gift that he has

Or what shows that only he is the person who can solve them

Or rather, what shows that he will even solve them in the first place

You’ll next be telling us that it’s only Ruto who can stop females from becoming single mothers…

Ruto will not involve himself with such nonsense. Watu wakae kwa jam hadi ile siku watamea akili. Hapana bembeleza punda kwa mteremko.

Kenyans mnafaa mjue kuchukua responsibility sio kublame polisi kila wakati. hamjui kupanga line?

Is it not true? Baba Abby has the magic touch. Kenya’s own Lee Kuan Yew

Or we could have used our limited resources on things we actually need instead of little used heavily subsidized money losing projects like SGR and obvious scams like laptops for 7 yr olds.

And the other 26?

Ruto is a thief and just one year to his term you will start crying that taxes are too high and a lot is getting looted

But maybe he is what kenyans deserve as punishment from God…
Especially for Kikuyus who appear to have learnt nothing from the 24yr rule of Moi…
Their greed for money has blinded them and God should curtail their access to serious money for something like half a century.

Moi was almost 24 years ago - and the average Kenyan wasn’t born then. A more apt lesson would from Ruto’s own term - which they’ve all forgotten, is still in progress.

Apa umeponga kama poss. I fully concur

Should guide the present.

Huyo labda aibe hiyo barabara. Mtu meffi na jambazi sugu.

The way he had stolen processional way ile ya kutoka serena to statehouse.

There’s no law or government to stop him?

Kenyans ndio hujifungia wenyewe. If there is no accident na ni wao wamejifungia the traffic cops should not even show up.

Let the idiots spend the day there then wafungue jam majioni.

Hapa GSU ndio solution fiti ,ukioverlap rungu ya kichwa.