Only Fans:Destructive and Demonic

Gey community exemplifies what is wrong with men but on steroids. And the more I gich gey culture and lifestyle, ironically the more I understand men. The real reason men hate and despise and stigmatize women of easy virtue is because they expect women to be better than them. In terms of morality which is actually a good thing and helps you understand why God made men and women so different. Because if everyone was a man, sex would destroy the world, human beings would become extinct because of STDs bcz there’s no restraint and no attachments. Casual easily available sex is a carnal man’s paradise and then to be able to make quick money off of that, the cherry on top of the cake. As you well know I don’t endorse gey lifestyle for obvious reasons but I pride myself on being open minded enough to learn a thing or three from people whose lifestyle I don’t agree with, I listen to alot of really strange people that’s why I like soft white underbelly, the only people you couldn’t pay me to listen are MGTOW and the entire men’s rights movement - wakina Tommy Satan mayor and other chauvinist like Kevin Samuel, I mean why waste time and energy listening to someone who hates women and you are one? Wouldn’t that be self hate? I remember searching for info on a woman who was shot a mom of 8 and the search took me to Tommy Satan mayor, in the first 5 minutes he was interviewing a child related to the woman and the way he was talking to her, I was like damn, this is a child Tommy and the irony is he has a daughter, God really has a sense of humor these men who detest women get served with daughters, alafu first comment was God I hate women, why should you hate half the population, when you can be gey or a sexual and never have to deal with them again, I don’t like men but I don’t hate them either bcz hell my delicate shoulders, arms and hands can’t lift anything heavy so in spite of how vile men are I still need them so it makes no sense to hate someone who you will need for one thing or the other, what you can do is limit your relationship with them to one of mutual benefit, you help me carry heavy stuff I give you foodstuffs bcz even if I hate you to death, my hatred can’t transform you, so it’s wasted energy, of course if it will make money on YouTube for me there’s an incentive but my faith doesn’t allow me to hate anyone and you can’t hate pig for rolling in the mud, it can’t help itself, so that’s how I take men, their sex drive is just insane and it’s not their fault, they’re created that way, all I can do is steer clear of their destructive way like I would a tornado bcz it harmful to them also,you can’t get mad at a tornado, get mad at yourself for not steering clear of the path of the tornado, that’s my philosophy about men. I used to listen MJ Harris but he was too promiscuous for my taste maybe bcz he’s young. This guy is much older, I think 50 and I find his point of view alot more balanced. Frankly only Fans is the devil’s playground even an atheist like this guy can see that. I enjoy his videos and I like his personality, his gym body at that age and his view on alot of things. He does not sugar coat things, he also bashes women particularly single mothers but he does not seem to be coming from a place of hate like most men who bash women on YouTube. If I come across a man who hates women I just avoid them because mehn I’m too old for hate. If I can’t even hate Trump and the guy is so racist, what excuse does anyone have to hate another human being. I no longer have that kind of energy. It’s never that serious and hate in your heart will consume you too. Being hateful is hard. I’ve tried it. It’s not worth the toll it takes on you. Don’t fall into the justice trap my people my people open your eyes. Today you are the bird eating the worms, tomorrow you are a dead bird and the worms eat you. Nywy listen to Walter.