Only 10% of Kenyans Are Smart: The Rest ....

70,000 students out of 600,000 had a C+ above. Roughly, that’s about 11.6% of the total number.
For a very long time, I suspected that we a country of very few smart people and thanks to Matiang’i, I know better. Let’s assimilate the KCSE results with the following facts:

  1.          We get excited over small matters. The latest one is the #boychild craze being pushed by an equally non-intelligent clown. Remember quails? Remember ponzis? I’m not even mentioning KTalk, Small issues hog all the attention. Yes, all these confirm that we are a nation of small-minded people.
  2.          The manner in which we answer questions. Sample ten people, probably job seekers, and ask them straightforward questions. Later, rate their answers. You’ll be surprised by the number of correct answers you’ll get. Probably, only two out of ten will get it right.
  3.          Planning. You’d think that our so-called professionals know better. For example, why is it that we live in very cramped spaces yet the same buildings are designed by “professionals” and the same “professionals” should know about building codes? If these are the best brains out there, then we have a problem.  
  4.          How we use public utilities. Just step into a public toilet. You’d be surprised by the load of shit guys poop and leave without flashing. Grown-ups eat bananas, open their windows and throw the peels to eternity. Chimps do that. Kenyans do it better.

Look, the evidence is everywhere. Only 1 out of 10 Kenyans are smart.

Kwanza Hio no. 4. ni ukweli

Be 90% more conservative with what you choose to post.

Githeriman country

Number four ni ukweli. how toilets are used in highschool/vesrus in middle level colleges/versus in universities. all different kabisaaa.
but exams arent meant to be passed by majority because human society is highly hierarchical

See our universities as well .The characters in there are very questionable , you wonder how such people garnered As and Bs in form 4 . Leakages are dead and gone now and that i celebrate and cheer to . The truly smart ones will now begin rising and guiding our nation and morals to prosperity .

Hapa nakusupport kabisa. Nime-import kunguru lakini haitoshei kitchen. Sasa sina starehe ata kidogo vile anapikia sitting room. Kazi sasa ni kutumwa vitu kaa chumvi, mwiko, na kadhalika.Nahama hii Nairobi.

If u want to know Kenya has retards just go to facebook and see the number of spelling mistakes there.

It is called the Pareto principle or 80/20 rule. It applies across many spheres of life. 80% of the nation’s intelligence is held by 20% of the population.

Shut up! We are not in a spelling bee! In anycase Emotional Intelligence matters more,and Kenyans are great at that. But O agree Nyakundi is an ugly retarded clown. Bravo for admitting it.

this post itself is full of grammatical errors, ranting about ktalk on ktalk really?? and then whats with talkers bashing products of kenyan universities like you never attended/are attending them

Tell us more about these questionable characters.

After 8 years of cramming by the time you get to high school mtu huwa amechoka akili. We need an overhaul. Course zingine na hautawai tumia ni za nini? kama unataka kuchora why should you cram all those sciences?

I’ve seen specialty high schools in the west for instance, high schools for military studies like the one trump attended. Or aviation studies such that by the time you leave you can fly quite well. Music academies with professional voice coaches and even classical music. Others are top grade film schools with sound stages and the kids write professional scripts. Yaani you actually graduate high school as a professional and even if you go to college it’s a smooth transition.

In Germany ukionekana wewe ni anti-nyita kwa masomo you learn a craft very early; vocational education. By the time you leave you are an employable master welder as an example. Way ahead of a chap graduating with a masters degree at JKUAT who has zero practical skills and job skills. By the time you are 40 you have over 20 years experience welding ship bodies and earning a very good salary in ship yards around the globe.

Bravo a good summary of what really kenya is and Nairobi in general…everyone needs to see this…from #Thisiskenya to something close to remind us tht we are worse thn what we perseve ourselves to be…someone come up with a #tag for this …every kenyan should see this

Willing landlord… Willing tenant

A university that trains architects and engineers contracts a chinese company to design and build a vision 2030 flag project

Nitarudi tena. Blame the academic system 8-4-4, vitu ulisoma form one huwezi kumbuka zote form 4 third term

1.The ever stupid #…challenge

Hehehehe kubali tu kama ulikuwa dwanzi

Si hata Wakenya wangejenga SGR since we have all kinds of engineers and the casual labour for that