Online weiting

Hello, I’m selling tutor accounts from various writing platforms. In case you need one, consult me. Thanks

Munene, before you sell tutor accounts, is there a way you can hire online tutors first to teach you English?


Sawa mukubwa

‘Weiting’ ndio kusemeko nini khandi?

Rudi kwa shimo yako panya

Hii generation ya Bamba10 KCr itatuonyesha mambo.

Man is to error Chief! Making a simple grammatical error doesn’t mean I am not conversant in English

So what do you mean by weiting? Or were you twenging :slight_smile:


Who said weiting?

Boss,what is the title of your thread? Jeiso…

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Hehe … naona uweskamau ame.inspire wengi


conversant “with” English