Online pandemic classes exposes rot in homes-man forces his 6 yo cousin to give him head during break, camera was still on, it was streaming live

The shit that goes on when you women leave kids unsupervised in the presence of men. I always say monsters don’t come with signs, so it’s best to assume all men are rapists and child molesters if that’s what it will take to protect children. You can imagine a 6 year old child being forced by her own cousin to perform sexual acts. If not for Zoom online classes this could have kept going for God knows how long. So sad Yaani. A 6 year old. Can’t blame her for being in a bar drinking some man’s money. This guy could not even wait for her classes to be over. Right there over the break he was assaulting her. Team Rapists kujeni you defend this one also, he’s part of your team. @Tommy Kwesule come tell us if this one had hit the wall or if she wasn’t in a bar taking holy communion. Men are not right. Leave your kids alone with them at your own risk. If you want to know that all men are potential rapists if at all they haven’t already raped someone already, just look at the comments when it’s any topic that has to do with rape. They will defend the rapist and blame and shame the victim but now men are raping other men and children at an increasingly. Raping women has become so normalised that it’s no longer as adventurous and risqué. Now men’s perversion has graduated to raping other men and children. Perversion has no limits, it keeps graduating from one low to another. That’s why it doesn’t end at normalising gey lifestyles society is now graduating to normalising pedophilia, next its beastiality. This is the man’s world, the patriarchal society we live in. All we can do as women is protect our children and ourselves from all the mess going on in the world. Imagine her classmates saw her being forced to have oral sex on zoom - 6 yr Olds. Men. Men. Men. Surely?! Mtoto wa 6 years old? SMH.

Boys need protection too. All special needs children are targets too. What happened to men being protective of the vulnerable in society. The rot in society is alarming. Yesu arudi atuchukue, they’re left raping and killing each other.

6 year old in an online class

@TrumanCapote, let me boost your thread by donating the only non self reply. Ata sisi tuko na wifi to browse youtube. Hii ni GHASIA! You should be stripped of Village Elder status.