online lanyes are a scam

Online lanyes are a scam. So sometimes in 2019 I had gone to Eldoret to attend some event a friend was hosting. We were together in the same campus and yes I was in main campus msituni huko kesses. So I travelled to Eldoret and arrived in the city of champions at about 4 pm. What made it worse is that the event was postponed the last minute to a later date over some unavoidable circumstances fuck that shit. So I was left in town with no plan. It was on a Saturday. So I decided I would go to some hill at Annex and enjoy the evening breeze then hit the club overnight and catch the early matatu back home (and oh that nigga catered for all my expenses after inconviniencing me). I have very fond memories of that hill. On that same hill is where a girl I was chasing after accepted to be my girlfriend. Its also the same hill where I was dumped by the same girl fuck you Tiana.

Before going to the hill I decided kuenda base nichape keg moja mbili. Nyuma ya transnational kulikuwa na base ya keg. Went in ordered for a jug of dark xtra (this keg was more potent and could leave you staggering). After downing half of the jug of keg I saw some bitch seated on a table across with a very short tight skirt exposing her soft, juicy and thunder thighs. Immediately my dick got up and I became very erect na ikamaintain hapo. Ilikataa kulala kabisa. I decided I should look for a place sorry a kunguru to empty my cum into. Instead of waiting for the night to fall and look for a nightwalker and do the dirty deed with, I decided to find one online and hookup with her afterall nightwalkers in Eldoret are fugly as fuck. I mean the kalenjin genes are a disaster. Kalejin women are either ugly, have no ass or boobs and they are very skinny. Their genes were cursed. The prettier ones dont have ‘pure’ blood. One of their parents come from a different part of kenya other than Kalenjin land. Finding pure blood and outstandingly pretty kale women is akin to looking for a needle in a haystack.

It was about 5.30 pm so I went to google and searched ‘Eldoret escorts’ and the first search result was ‘Eldoret raha’ the equivalent of ‘Nairobi raha’ for those in Nairobi. So I went through the whole catalogue and decided to go with some profile by the name Sheryl. I had the impression that the one behind the name would be pretty and would give me some ‘good time’. The picture also used was of a sexy lady but I knew it was fake. So I called Sheryl using my Telkom and she answered:

Her: Poa sana
Me: Nimeona services zako online unaoffer nini na nini
Her: Na offer full package na extras at 3k half package na 1500.
Me: Hizo ndo gani sasa?
Her: Full package ni massage na extras half package ni extras pekee.
Me: Nataka sex pekee mimi
Her: Iyo iko kwa half package yenye ina include handjob, blowjob na sex ( 1 shot) for 30 minutes.
Me: Si unifanyie 1k alafu tuende shot mbili.
Her: Sawa uko wapi?
Me: Niko Eldoret sides za Zion mall (a lie)
Her: Ni niko hapo karibu na Khetias Supermarket we ukifika mahali khetias iko unipigie ntakuja kukuchukua. Na btw unataka service lini?
Me: Nataka leo saa hii…itawezekana?
Her: eeeh itawezekana kuja hapo khetia ukifika uunipigie.

She had an awesome voice which made me believe she was beautiful. I downed the remaining keg in my jug and went to the building where Khetias supermarket is and called her and she told me she is coming down. I stood in a strategic so as to know when to duck if ‘she was ugly’. True to the word that bitch was damn ugly. Fuck. I expected someone presentable but no. She even had a potty. She was uglier than a warthog ni sauti tu tamu alimuwa nayo. She called to ask me where I was and I told her niko hapo Khetias. She even described to me how she was dressed. I couldnt fathom myself fucking that woman. I just put my phone in silent mode and went away. I received several missed calla from her with several abuses from her “mjinga wewe unanidanganya na iyo kitu yako ndogo haiwezi kitu” “malaya mjinga wewe” “tombwa na huko taka taka wewe” Couldnt care less. I went to signature had my fun and took the first matatu back home!

Hapo ulikua unabugia keg ni paradise. It’s wasn’t behind transnational. It was opposite the bank. Hapo kuna chokosh kila aina. Hakuna malaya ya kusample hapo:D

Nyuma ya transnational kulikuanga na chuom flani ilikuwanga na baze ya keg na huko ndo tulikuwanga tunakunywanga keg tukiwa mastude. paradise sijai kanyaga.

Sikulangi malaya. But uliona lanye akakufurahisha mpaka ukambao. Instead of kuendea huyo kumuuliza ni ngapi after all she is a whore. Ukaamua kutafuta lanye online. I don’t understand this logic at all.

The keg joint wasnt a brothel. That bitch was with some dudes. Sasa unataka ni approach dem random kwa keg joint nianze kumuuliza kama yeye ni lanye??


Lakini nayo kale ladies wamechapa bana. Wametwanga kutwanga:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Ungekula huyo dem alifanya umbao na ukamaintain hapo banae :D:D:D

Niko na moja Mali safi…inakufanyia Manson hadi unaskia kupiga nduru

Ungesimama hapo Burnt Forest ingia Kokwet kuna lanye za kila aina hapo

Ungemsalimia tu uchukue number yake kama umetoka.

You should have asked your friend for help or looked for a night walker.

You are very tribal but I understand you. My advice is next time a lady in a club, a salon or a matatu makes you hard, let her pay for her evil by approaching her and pumping her kitty with your cum. Maneno ya kupelekea watu wengine shida imeletwa na wengine itakuletea nuksi Bure. It’s like going to a massage parlour getting an erotic massage that leaves you horny with no happy ending then utoke upelekee bibi hiyo cum, you may end up siring a prostitute.

Mnyambo unaenda wapi vile umekuwa unatuchocha na story za passport?

:D:D:D hekaya swafi.


Madem Wote Kwa keg ni malanye…

Next time uko eldoret nishow nikupee number ya hii kunguru, mali safi with above par services. Ako na Room hapo tao, i forgot the hotel’s name mimi hapana familiar na that town.

Weka number hapa wahenga wasukume mileage