I am leaving lpoking for online jobs… Something to get me some small cash I can survive with.Any Ideas?


I started with remotasks as a joke and tomorrow morning am getting something kidogo. They pay weekly. Your effort will see you earn a lot. Kindly use my referal link here remotasks

@Bigmoney wacha kutupima bana

ii ni course gani?

Hii 2k… how much work did it take you to earn. Niliskia remotask ni sweatshop.

Kama hauko any of these developed countries itabidi ujikaze kabisa. Hapa Bidenstan, online jobs do pay very well. I have seen white niggas raking in $10k and above from Mturk alone.

Naeza ingia pale deep web ninunue identity ya mtu kule majuu nianze kazi… shida huingia time ya kuunda bank accounts na kulipa tax.

Worked only 13hours total in that one week. So if i decide it work just 5hours a day for the seven days…you can guess how much I can get in a week.

Unafanyanga tasks gani?

Si ufanye tu writing kama kila mtu?[ATTACH=full]391878[/ATTACH]

Product categorization, Text annotation, image segmentation

How long did it take you to acquire the skill to do the job.

There is no skills to acquire, everything is there, the training and the task. It is like you are trained to drive in the morning and by afternoon unapewa gari upeleke

Yeah every job is a sweatshop,nothing comes easy