Online jobs ooh,online jobs or it didn't happen

My inbox has not been resting lately from guys claiming to have magical opportunities of online jobs. Ati all you need is a smartphone or laptop na kitunguu utanukisha mbaya mbovu.Fuck the only online jobs i know ni zile pale where profiles are verified and the whole thing is featured in top ranking mags. Turudi hapa Kenya Kidogo,do online jobs exist,if yes do you know of someone making it rain fro the same?Photo or supandeep lens effindence will be greatly appreciated. Asande.

Be ready to work for peanuts but ziko sana sana writing

have you had the privilege of writing before?

I used to do subtitling for an online company. I was able to live off of it. Pay bills, enjoy myself, etc.

And which company was that

It depends on what your idea of an online job is.
First and foremost, keyword JOB.
Clicking links (public likes), answering surveys and viewing adverts is not a job.
But if you have a real skill, like writing or graphic design or programming, you cannot exhaust the jobs available on the internet.
I know a guy who makes an average Sh500,000 a month from academic writing, and that’s after he pays his writers.
I’ve heard of someone who makes a killing on Fiverr making photoshop designs.
In campus I knew of a guy who would make upto 300,000 a month coding on those freelancing sites.

Lakini these ones which are passed around Facebook and Whatsapp are not jobs. Mostly they are pyramid schemes.


Quality on-line jobs are not for the lazy especially when it comes to programming, graphic designing etc because there are very high standards you have to meet . Personally i worked for theme forest but before you get approvals and to maintain your rating high you will have to go through many sleepless nights, however the payments are quite good!!

James Kasimu is that you?


hell nah…mistaken identitties i guess