Online Jobos

If you have any experience doing product reviews, web content(SEO), informative articles, copy marketing etc and you need a little cash inbox me. I may have sum’n for you in the coming weeks.

Unalipa ngapi per word

He doesn’t want your semi-literate Dadaab refugee camp taught English

Kuwa mpole. I may not know English but I own several kenyan writers. I wana be a middle man here.

@Muthishi taja bei…niko na mzito wangu anachangamkia hii wera ya writing

Interested ninjas, please inbox me. @FirstName LastName inbox me for more details. The first month may be a little lean, but orders zinakuja mbaya sana after that.

If you have very good writers, inbox me pliz.

Saidianeni wacheni matusi.