Online Job

Hello guys. I recently lost my job from these Chinesse companies(loan lending companies) that dont even care about their employees. Am requesting to know which might be the best online job to do that i can earn something to pay my bills as i wait to get another job. Currently trying Remotask, but the learning curve is not that smooth.

Your feedback is highly appreciated!

What about Appen?

I submitted a request to do a project, they didnt respond

as a freelancer are you familiar with upwork?

What about DataForce? Create a profile. They might contact you later for a gig…

Okay i will give it a try

Poa bro. I wish you all the best.

Pole sana.

How do you go about it,?

Just apply for the remote jobs listed here… You maybe lucky. If you fit the profile, they will reach out to you.

Listen, what can you do? Have you thought about freelancing? I think it’s more than relevant now. In addition, you can make a competent freelance proposal using the tips and tricks from this article . Thus, it will help you present yourself as an excellent specialist and quickly find clients on the Internet.

@Owen Marley disclose everything about how those companies operate, @ChifuMbitika atakupea job. Elders wanangoja.