Online Games: Coming Up

Very soon, there will be a forum for online games where wanakijiji can play simple online games against one anaza.
We shall start with these four games:

Ni hayo tu kwa sasa, but would like to know what your opinion…

Wapi ajua.
Ongeza online radio, talkers to add their playlist

Upuss! Sisi pana watoto

Nanzenz, just fix the shit that people actually complain about first. Washienzi.

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Hapo sawa… I wish pia muweke Go but I’d have to play against myself since hii kijiji 99. 99 % ni bonobos

we’d have to be 9,999 wanakijiji for you to be the .01%.

who’s the bonobo now son?

Great. Good move. I will be on Team Chess.

The kijiji has 52,717 members and .01 is only 5.
Kijiji imejaa RVEs kama wewe

still dumb. reread your post with every regurgitation you want to get back with. smh

Photos on old threads are invisible, start with that.

Bonobo RVE you are beyond help

Kama hakuna draft na ajua acha ikae

Hii RVE ndo upuuus gani?

Venye @hakimoto amesema

Hii ita kua rigged. Tunajua high score zote ni za uwesmakende

@administrator anasoma all ze comments…

Retarded Village Elder.

So, why the heck would you post this in the Business forum?

Restrict posting of gross content on the site. Do what a mod is supposed to. Purge offensive content like the one posted by the gross Patco. WTF have I just seen today? Fcuk!

Report what has offended you.

Very welcome, zilete tuchambue.
And include a motivating reward scheme for the participants as well