Online Forex Trading

How genuine is forex trading online? is it possible that you can invest 100K and get 20K per month from this??

Hio ni biashara ya pata potea.

NO. nunua nduthi upige maraundi upate chakula. kama hutaki kusikia weka forex, learn your lesson.

Forex trading is not for everyone.

Forex Trading is like handling a kunguru,Ukiweka emotions hapo utapigwa kisu proper.It is a VERY BIG MINDGAME! that means that when trading you should not be anxious else you lose everything.Ensure you learn to stick to ONE STRATEGY.Ensure you are CALM and DISCIPLINED.Ensure you use stop loss(Vaa CONDOM ukitrade else utakula Stop out(Blown account!).
Alafu you focus on learning the skill FIRST and be consistent.Ata kama unapata 50bob per day iko sawa.Na usiiforce ikupee doo((Ukiforce kunguru ikupee kuma utapewa pia na disrespect ju hio ni Ubeta male mingi tu)),Stick to the rules
Once you are consistent watu watakupea big accounts you manage for them.
[SIZE=1]But passion rules everything.Kama huipendi utalililia kwa shoo[/SIZE]

Thank you for taking time to share, however I am looking at giving money to an experienced person and I expect returns every month.

Hiyo ni kama kutumia predictions ya watu wa paybill… mbona wasibet badala ya kuuzia watu odds

Yes you can,However ensure you personally know the guy you are investing with and you also know how forex works,
I have invested some few coins with some guy and I get 20% per month

Anything can happen my nigga unaeza poteza pesa or make real money, if you dont get it no need for losing your money there. Take 6 months developing a strategy na usiingie those telegram group signals.
Finally dont do retail trading pekee yako shikana na watu watatu you tackle it pamoja.

I did too but now am crying

Did you personally know the guy and had you seen the strategy he uses?